Book print prices

One of the main concerns of users intending to print a book is related to the prices of printing, as prices tend to vary based on different factors that affect the final pricing, and no specific or exact estimates can be given beforehand. Individuals are however usually aware of the involved factors and their impacts on the final price of the book based on the level of their knowledge about the publishing and printing industry they work with.

The following lists the main factors affecting the final price of a printed book, and estimates for a 200-page book. Any degree of awareness about these factors will able users to make a reasonable estimate of the prices of printing a book.

If you need more detailed information about the final cost and price of printing your book, you can fill out the order form and our colleagues to provide you with an exact quote.

Factors Affecting the Final Price of a Printed Book

The following factors affect how a printed book is priced regardless of circulation number of type of content (poetry, novel, textbook, …)

Type of Paper

We commonly use three types of specialty papers for printing books at Jangal Printing Company, including: writing paper, bulk paper, and glossy paper. Costs of printing will vary depending on the type of paper users choose for their book. Among the three mentioned types of paper, writing papers are the most affordable, while glossy papers are the most expensive, to account for different needs of users.

Size of the Book

Jangal Publishing House can print books in various sizes depending on the requirements of the customer, the type of the book, or the printing services requested. Monthly planners are usually printed in three sizes: folio, quarto, and octavo. Keep in mind that using a larger size will be result in more expensive prints than a smaller size.

The Circulation Number

Circulation number refers to the number of books to be printed by the publishing house. A higher circulation numbers will obviously result in higher overall price, although in this case the price for each individual book will become more affordable.

Cover Design

The price range for designing the cover of a book varies based on the complexity of the design required by users. The final cost of cover design are determined after consulting with the design specialists at Jangal Printing Company.

Printing your Book for Free

In some cases, if your book meets the standards set by Jangal Printing Company in terms of subject matter and appeal, and upon the approval of Jangal Publishing and its manager, it is possible to print your book for free. The only thing you need to do is to complete the order form to try your chance at qualifying for free printing services provided by Jangal Printing Company.