For a long period of time, monthly planners and desk calendars have been a great and practical candidate for promo gifts. Among a large host of promotional gifts, printing a customized monthly planner or calendar with the logo of your company or organization is not only practical and cost-effective but can also be highly effective with regard to your marketing strategies and the goals of your business.

Jangal Printing Company provides a variety of printing options for monthly planners and calendars based on your taste, style, and demands. The company can print calendars and planners with different cover designs, sizes, and colours, at any desired quantity.

Pages inside each planner are usually made of white or cream writing papers, with the cream colour finding its own fans as it becomes more popular. The most common cover for the planners is the hardcover composition, followed by leather, glossy or matte cellophane

Customized Monthly Planners

Customized monthly planners with various options are also available for our users. Some of the more unique features provided in our customized printing services include access to various types of covers, the addition of promotional material inside planners, printing logos on all inside pages, etching logos on the planner, customized lining.

Among all the above options, one of the main ways for customizing monthly planners for businesses involves engraving your logo on the cover. There are different ways of engraving your logo on the cover of the planners which can be used based on user preference.

Some of our more notable partnerships include printing planners for different foundations, professional centers, lawyers, engineers, and companies such as Pars Khazar, Easy Pipe, and several other known companies.

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are among other printing items provided by Jangal Printing Company. These calendars are commonly used as promo gifts for employees and managers of organizations and companies. When selecting promotional gifts for their clients and customers, many organizations and companies choose a combination of customized desk calendars with monthly planners.

Custom desk calendars with logos are one of the most popular promo items printed by the company, although similar to monthly planners, the company provides different options for printing desk calendars based on the style and demand of our clients.

To order your monthly planner or desk calendar, fill out the “order form”, and our colleagues at Jangal Publishing House will contact you shortly.