Given the competitive environment in most industries, owning a product catalogue with the preferred visual appeals will help customers know an organization’s brand and help advance the marketing goals of organizations, whether small or large. Catalogues are very diverse in terms of shape, design, size, and material, and Jangal Printing Company can print various types of promotional catalogues based on the needs and requirements of users. Various types of binding, such as spiral, saddle-stitched and perfect binding are available for all catalogues printed in Jangal Printing Company.

Catalogues have emerged as common tools for communicating and introducing a product or service to a range of users. A large number of businesses rely on physical material such as catalogues for pursuing their specific marketing goals. We at Jangal Printing Company have met this need by printing various catalogues for different organizations, businesses, and individual clients.

As we at Jangal are always looking to provide the best quality and the widest range of services to our clients, we have been proud to work with large companies, such as Pars Khazar Industrial Company, Bistoon Fireplace Company, and Pakshoma Company in designing and printing custom catalogues.

Professional Catalogues

As catalogues are primarily designed to provide information about an organization’s products and services to the customers, it is necessary for the catalogue to include useful and valuable content. Catalogues must also be creative in designs and incorporate visual arts to better influence and attract new clients.

Since catalogues are kept by customers for a long time, the quality of printed catalogues becomes a major factor. The type of papers and colours used for the catalogue must be selected carefully, and the cover coating must be of high quality in order to prevent tearing and damage in time.

Jangal Printing Company utilizes offset printing as a highly cost-effective method for printing catalogues while allowing for complete supervision of the printing, cutting, and packaging process of the catalogues to print premium quality catalogues based on the needs and requirements of clients.

Catalogue Printing Prices

Similar to other services provided by Jangal Publishing House, the final price of the catalogue can vary based on the requirements of the client in terms of design and printing of the catalogue, including the type of paper, binding, cover, coating, size and so on. Therefore, it is not possible to quote an identical price for all catalogues.

For more details about the prices of catalogues, just fill in the order form, and our colleagues at Jangal Printing Company will contact you shortly.