Printing Magazines

Printing Magazines in Jangal

Printed in various topics on different timescales of weekly, monthly and annually, magazines have always had their own fan bases and are starting to grow as the related communities grow. Magazines adhere to the need of individuals interested in science, literature, politics, and other subjects, by providing them with the recent updates and information in the field of their choosing, making them loyal fans of the work.

The contents of the magazines along with its outer appearance and illustrations have a major impact on how fans will select and probably subscribe to a certain magazine that they find useful. Colored images, quality of magazine, and the paper used in printing the pages as well as the visual arts and correct color palette used in the inside-pages and the cover page are what really makes magazines special and attractive to a lot of fans.

Magazines are commonly classified into two categories of general and dedicated. General magazines are sold at newsstands around cities and other stores, covering a diverse set of topics and commonly divided into two sections: general and technical information. Dedicated or promotional magazines on the other hand cover a specific topic in more depth or in an ordered fashion.

Promo Magazines

Dedicated magazines, a.k.a. promotional magazines, are those designed for organizations, which are printed in specific numbers based on the needs of the organization and are usually given to employees or customers of the organization for free. Promotional magazines are a major product used in advertising industries and campaigns for introducing products/services or other information of an organization or company.

Jangal Printing Company is capable of printing promotional magazines for various organizations based on their needs and requirements, and can help in the designing of the layout of magazine as well. Some of the more important elements to consider when designing a magazine include: the title of the magazine, its size, color, images, page design and layout, headings and subheading, column setting, and selection of letters and font.

Jangal Printing Company uses offset printing for magazines, and its cost will vary based on the needs and requirements of the client.

Factors influencing the final price of printing magazines are as follows:

  • Type of paper used for inside pages;
  • Type of paper used for magazine cover;
  • Type of coloring used for inside pages (single-color or multicolor);
  • Type of printing used for the cover;
  • Cover coating;
  • Binding; and
  • Size of the magazine.

At the moment, Jangal Publishing House works with many organizations for printing their promotional and dedicated magazines. Some of our largest clients include Mahan Air Airline and Novine Rooz Magazine.

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