Jangal Printing Services

Our professional team will work closely and directly with you along the way to provide the printing services you want in an ordered and timely fashion and at competitive prices. We also offer consultations in design and quality control to better meet your needs.

The printing services currently offered include books, notebooks, planners, Holy Quran, catalogues, and magazines.

Printing and Packaging

Printing and packaging take place in our 8000 m2 printing house located in Tehran. The printing house is on call 24-7 and can provide round-the-clock operations for printing your product, even in time of emergency. To make any inquiries or orders please fill our “order form” and wait for our personnel to make initial arrangements and contact you in the earliest time possible.

Our quality control procedures have been put in to ensure the quality of your product and that no problems occur during the printing stage. The procedures are designed to reassess your product’s context prior to any printing. Any modifications needed will be made with prior notice and agreed-upon terms. Your order will be submitted after final verification of design and modifications (if needed). The entire printing process is supervised by our professional team to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled. Our customer care service provides consulting in different languages and can help you with any inquiries from the very early stages of printing to how and when your product will be delivered.

Various Printing Services

The majority of our printing machines are used for offset printing and can be calibrated to customize circulation number, shape, and size of printing items. The advanced machinery at Jangal Printing Company allow for quick printing of orders with a high circulation number and emergency printing orders.

We also offer quick post-printing services to add appeal to your more delicate and quality items. The post-printing services include embossing, gold blocking, spot varnish, and lamination (metallized/velvet/UV).

All printing services by Jangal Printing Company are offset-based and offered at the highest quality and lowest time.