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You can join our customers in more than 17 countries. Currently, Jangal printing house is delivering services in the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and North Africa and we will be willing to work with other countries & regions as well.

The books & other products we manufacture are being distributed in foreign and domestic markets.

Jangal printing house can provide a lot of services for its customers that you will see below. Remember that Jangals team of experienced employees can help you reach all your demands.


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Who are we?

We are Jangal, a publications and printing house with a 30-year background that has been publishing various English textbooks and popular literary novels in the original language and providing a variety of printing settings to our customers. With Jangal printing house, you can experience the best services and prices and submit your exclusive order via our website or through e-mail.

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Printing Services

Printing books, notebooks, catalogs, brochures, magazines, calendars, yearbooks, and Quran are some of our printing services. If you want to change the visual features of what you are printing. We can also provide that for you. When printing your order, Jangal printing house’s Up-to-date printing equipment and expert employees will fulfill whatever wish you have. Jangal is best known for high-quality printing, low pricing, and fast delivery. You can also enjoy our top services by submitting your request.

Designing Services

Designing is one of the important parts of any printed material. If you ever require world-class designing standards, Jangal printing house offers designing services and can also provide you with consultations. You can gather more details around this service we are providing and some of the examples we have done before for our customers.


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