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The process of ordering, manufacturing & delivering it can be complicated. If you are not yet sure about your order, it is possible that you might find your questions on this page. Frequently asked questions of printing order in the Jangal Complex are specified in separate categories. If you do not see the answer to your question here, contact our experts in the Jangal Complex by email, telephone, and social networks during business hours.

Jangal group is providing several designing services and printing services. Visit the order registration form to get a quote or register your order.

1What parts does Jangal Complex contain?

The Jangal complex is divided into two separate sections: publications and printing house.

The headquarters of Jangal Publications is located on Labafinejad Street and the printing house of this complex is located in Ahmad Abad Mostofi Industrial Town.

2Why should I choose Jangal as my printing house?

With more than 30 years of experience in printing and exporting books and other products, Jangal Complex has one of the largest and most equipped printing houses in the Middle East. This characteristic of the Jangal compared to other printing houses has enabled this complex to offer low costs and high qualities in the global markets.

You can experience high-quality printing and design services by choosing the Jangal complex. If you want to place an order you can visit the order registration form page.

3What are the languages I can contact the Jangal complex with?

Jangal sales experts will answer you in Persian, English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Kurdish, and Urdu. You can contact us via Our website, email, phone number, and social networks and you can choose your preferred language through the language change tool on the site menu.

4What are the products that Jangal Complex can manufacture?

Jangal complex is using skilled experts & the latest technologies in the world to produce various products including books, notebooks, Quran, calendar, brochures, diaries, catalogs, business cards, advertising boxes, advertising bags, wrapping paper, and other similar products.

5What steps does the Jangal Complex administrate in the printing process?

The Jangal complex performs all the different stages of printing books. These steps start from cover design and book typeface to lithography, binding, and printing. The consultants and printing specialists of the Jangal complex can also guide you in choosing the best printing feature. For more information on receiving print advice and familiarity with Jangal print services, visit the Printing Service page.

6In which countries are the Jangal Complex active?

Jangal complex has nearly a decade of experience exporting books to other countries. Currently, The International Jangal Printing House cooperates with 17 countries in exporting books and receiving print orders. They include the Gulf states, North Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Russia, the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. The Jangal complex has also recently begun the process of receiving printing orders to India and North African countries.

7 Is the information I send to the Jangal complex safe?

All the data you permit to the Jangal Complex, including personal, printing, or any other information, is fully protected and will not be disclosed to any individual or entity.

8Where can I find the Jangal branches?

The Jangal Complex has official branches in Tehran, Isfahan, and Rasht and has no branches outside Iran.

9Does the Jangal Complex assign representatives to independent companies to distribute books?

No. The Jangal Complex now serves all book lovers with three domestic branches.

10Can I visit the Jangal complex?

Yes, you can contact our sales experts and they will do the set a date for you to visit our complex in Tehran.

1Do you also have paper sales and exports?

No, due to the laws prohibiting the export of paper by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Jangal Complex does not sell and export paper abroad.

2How is the process of shipping?

There are various methods of shipping that you can choose from. These methods include shipping by land, air, and sea. The most common method of transporting cargo at the moment is transit but depending on the destination country, our experts may suggest more optimal ways to send cargo.

3How responsible is the Jangal Complex for the ordered product?

Jangal Publishing Complex is responsible for protecting the product from receiving the printed file to publishing, packing, and delivering it to customs. After this step, the responsibility of the cargo lays on the shoulder of the shipping company. If you let Jangal choose the shipping company for you, then we accept full responsibility for your product.

4Does the Jangal Complex guarantee the quality of printing?

If the Jangal Complex determines that the printing quality is low, it will declare the cargo invalid and the printing process will begin again from scratch. Even if the shipped product has print problems, the Jangal Complex will print it out to you at no cost. But the Jangal complex does not accept responsibility for the transportation of the cargo and the damage caused by it unless we chose the freightage company.

5Can I access the list of companies you have worked with within my country?

Yes, the Jangal complex has a list of the customers who grant permission to be contacted, and if you wish, you can connect with them.

6How long does it take for my cargo to be delivered to me?

The duration of shipment varies depending on the order, destination, freightage, and how it is sent. Our sales experts are in touch with you at every stage of the process, from production to delivery, and will keep you informed of the shipment.

7What transportation companies do you cooperate with?

The Jangal Complex cooperates with a variety of cargo companies. At your request, you can choose to work with one of them cooperate with the carrier of your choice. For more information about sending a load, see the “Shipping” section on this page.

8Does the load sent on your behalf have warranty or cargo insurance?

The Jangal Complex cooperates as much as possible with shipping companies that insure the health of the load and provide warranties for its delivery.

1How can I register my printing order in the Jangal Complex?

Order registration form is the best way to connect with the Jangal complex. This form helps us gather all the information we need to print your product. Jangal sales experts will contact you and guide you in choosing the most suitable printing method.

Also, you can contact us via phone calls, email, and various social networks using our contact page. We will be ready to respond

2Can I get samples from you?

Yes. You can get them from the Jangal Complex by announcing the requested print samples. Jangal printed samples will be sent to you by mail after payment.

3How can I make sure my product will be delivered?

Our sales experts will accompany you at all stages and will let you know about your order by email, photos, videos, and other ways of communication.

4What format should the print file be in?

If the printed product is a book, you should send the book cover in tiff or InDesign format and the text of the book in PDF format. Otherwise, our sales experts will announce the file format to you by email.

5How should I send you a file?

You can send us the printed file by email to start the printing process.

6Does the product completely match what I have ordered?

Yes. Your order will be printed in the Jangal Complex, following your desired features, and unchanged. You can also use our design consulting services before beginning the printing process.

7How can I cut the printing expenses of my product?

There are different options to choose from in every step of the printing process. These sections include paper material, cover material, binding type, printed features, and more. Certainly changing each of these items will cause a change in price

8Is the file I send to you protected?

All your information, including personal, financial, and file data, is reserved in the Jangal Complex and is not shared with anyone.

9What are the minimum and maximum order circulation?

There is no ceiling for registering a print order in the Jangal therefore you can register your desired circulation. However, the minimum orderable circulation in the Jangal complex is one thousand. Orders below 1,000 are accepted only under certain conditions. For more information, you can get in touch with our sales team.

10 How do I get information about my product in different parts of the process?

Our sales professionals will send you photos and videos of the product and cargo Through your desired email, WhatsApp, or any other communication way.

11What information is needed to register a print order?

You can view the required information by visiting the print order registration page.

12Can I add my favorite features to the order?

Yes. You can include any type of print feature you want in your print order. Also, Jangal printing specialists will guide you in choosing the best printing indicator (including paper material, size, and cover design) to increase the final quality of the product. Jangal consultations are free and do not create an additional charge on your order.

13What is the maximum response time of the Jangal complex?

Our experts will respond to you as soon as they can (often in less than 24 hours).

14 How long does it take to announce the price of a printed product from the Jangal complex?

Up to 48 hours after Jangal experts have received your order information and details, they will send you details of the price and cost of printing your order in the form of a proforma invoice email.

1 What are the payment steps?

The payment process is divided into two separate parts:

The first part is paid after ordering and receiving consultations from Jangal experts and finalizing the desired print features.

The second and final part will be after the end of the production process and before sending the cargo to the freightage.

2 Why do I only have 48 hours to pay?

Due to the severe fluctuations of currency and the possibility of a change in paper prices, you only have 48 hours to pay the invoice. If the payment is not made on your behalf at this period, you should contact our sales team again to issue a new invoice for you.

3When do you send me a pre-invoice?

After you have talked to our experts about your order, received printing advice, and chosen your desired printed features, the invoice will be sent to you. After the transaction is complete, your order will enter the printing and production stage.

4What is the currency we work with?

The Jangal complex works with Dollars for international exchanges

5What happens if I cancel my order after paying the pre-invoice?

The amount will be saved in your Jangal account as credits. You will be able to use this amount for your next orders.

6How can I pay the fee?

You can use reliable exchanges operating in your country that cooperates with the Jangal complex to pay for print orders.

7How can I make sure the Jangal Complex has received the amount?

Our sales experts will contact you directly and you will be informed of the amount paid. You will also receive a transfer receipt when paying by currency exchange services, indicating that the transaction status is successful.

8How can I follow the process of printing and order?

You can contact your sales specialist directly during business hours via email, WhatsApp, or other ways of communication. Also, photos, videos, and other details will be sent to you by our sales team.

1How can I know the status of the shipment?

The Jangal complex connects you directly with the transportation companies. Also, our team will send you photos and videos of the cargo, driver, and the process to keep you up to date.

2How much is the shipping fee?

The cost of sending your order will vary depending on the order, distance, shipping method, and transportation company. You can get in touch with our experts to find out the cost of sending.

3How is my order sent?

If you are cooperating with a private transportation company, we can send your cargo to you if you choose to do so. Otherwise, the Jangal complex can introduce you to several freightage companies. Shipments can be delivered by air, train, truck, and ocean.

4Does the volume and weight of the load affect how it is sent?

Yes. If the volume and weight are low, cargo will be usually sent by air. You can also contact our sales experts to investigate this issue.

5 What is the minimum load weight for each posting option?

The minimum load weight you can order for each of your preferred cargo methods varies depending on the mode of shipment (ground, air, train). For more information about price limits, you can contact Jangal experts.

6Can I choose a freightage?

yes. If you are already working with a particular freightage or you are considering one, you can tell our sales professionals and we will deliver your cargo to that specific freightage.

7How is the freight fee paid?

The Jangal complex does not charge a fee for sending the cargo. The way to pay for freight varies depending on the different shipping companies.

8 Do you have the possibility to introduce different shipping companies to me?

Yes. Jangal complex can introduce different shipment companies by considering different transportation methods for different destinations.

9What is the cheapest shipment I can choose?

The cost of your shipment varies depending on the country, the volume of the cargo, and the freightage. Choosing the right one for each option can bring you cheap submissions.

10Does sending cargo by air have a minimum or maximum amount?

No. You can move any cargo by airplane by paying for air freight.

11What kind of packaging can the Jangal complex do?

The Jangal complex offers different packages to its customers according to the destination country and how the cargo will be sent. As a result, the packaging type varies for each destination.

12How are Jangal printed products packed?

Printed products are packed in several stages. This keeps them healthy during transportation. The packaging process includes:

Single packaging of each product

Placement of products in cardboard cartons

Packing each carton individually

Packing all cartons together.

13The custom that I got has a problem. How can I keep track of the problem?

You can get in touch with our sales experts who, if there is a problem, will solve the problem.

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