The International Jangal group has a long history in the field of publishing and considers its credibility and position today as the result of the efforts and perseverance of its experts and experts. Jangal Sales Department is one of the most extensive units of the complex and operates in various subcategories.

The subcategory of this group is divided into the following categories:

  • Department of Internal Sales
  • Department of International Sales
  • Department of Sales for Jangal Law Publications

Employees and experts of the internal department are located in Tehran headquarters and other Jangal offices in Rasht and Isfahan cities and are responsible for communicating with Jangal customers on the internal borders. The activists of the international department themselves are divided into more subcategories. International Jangal sales experts are fluent in English, Arabic, Kurdish, Russian, Turkish and Urdu and are connected to Jangal customers in other countries.

Law publications sales experts are also a bridge between Javdaneh publications and their clients. They are responsible for introducing Javdaneh production books to governmental and private judicial institutions.

Below you can learn more about these subcategories and the sales members of each section.