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Jangal Printing Company has always tried to stay up-to-date with recent advances in printing technologies by upgrading and installing different printing equipment to increase the quality of products and accelerate the process of printing. Among recently installed machines at Jangal Printing company include two modern printing devices, i.e., Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-5 colours and Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 74-5 colour printing machine, which have made this printing company into one of the best among printing houses and companies in Iran and at the international level, due to their cutting edge features.

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In the first stage of the process, the file which has been designed by the customer or the Jangal Printing House is transferred to the lithography section of the printing house. The lithography and machines of the Jangal Printing House complex are called “Magnus 800 Series Agfa Platesetter” which is considered to be the fastest machine available in the market. Merely three of these machines are available in the Iranian printing industry and the Jangal Printing House owns one of them.

The “Magnus 800 Series Agfa Platesetter” lithography machine works in an online state and features a much higher operating speed when compared to other conventional offline lithography machines. Owing to the fact that time is regarded as a major parameter in the printing industry, the presence of the “Magnus 800” lithography machine saves a vast amount of time and increases the overall work speed. It is precisely for this reason that providing optimum quality has become one of the claims and slogans of the Jangal Printing House.

The various types of lithography machines which are currently available in the Jangal Printing and Binding House are as follows:

  •  KODAK Magnus 800(70*100)online2012 plate setter
  •  KODAK Creo offline plate setter


After preparing the plates in the lithography section, it is the turn of the printing machine.  in addition to a large number of many Single Colour printing machines, the Jangal complex has two types of modern CD and XL printing machines.

CD Printing machine

The Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 printing machine(70*100 size)  has resulted in the whole printing process of the Jangal complex being carried out with the highest quality possible and there is no need to outsource any of our orders.

In addition to its ultimate high printing speed, this machine provides us with higher quality and cleaner final products. This device is technically considered by many to be the best available model and provides us with excellent output features at a high speed and quality. Bearing all this in mind, outputs made by this device can easily be compared with European works and standards.

The Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102  is capable of printing at a grammage of up to 500 microns and also features a water base printing capability. Another key advantage of this device is it has a wall-screen.

The XL Printing Machine

The Heidelberg  Speedmaster XL 75 printing machine( 50*70 size) is yet another top-of-the-range Heidelberg technology device that the Jangal Printing House is equipped with. This device can technically be considered A model higher than a CD machine and is very efficient for printing on high grammage paper; which makes it quite superior to CD machines. Furthermore, the device is an equal rival to CD devices in terms of its speed and output quality.

The SM Printing Machine

The number of Single Colour and two-colour devices in operation at the Jangal Printing and Binding complex is high and all the machines are equipped with SM technology. There are SM devices with a size of 70 x 100 which are highly applicable and of course, with lower quality when compared with CD machines that are available for Single Colour and two-colour printing.

It is worth pointing out that the size of the Single Colour devices available in the market and in the printing houses is 70 x 50. However, the SM devices in the Jangal Printing complex are all of a 70 x 100 size. This fact has led to a much higher working capacity during a 24-hour period which amounts to twice the efficiency of other major printing houses.

The various types of printing devices that are found at the Jangal Printing and Binding Complex are as follows:

  •  A Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 printing machine, Five colours (70*100 size)
  •  A Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75 printing machine, Five colours (50*70 size)
  • Two Heidelberg Speedmaster Printing Machines, Four Color(70*100 size)
  •  Six Heidelberg Speedmaster ZP Printing Machines, Two Colours(70*100 size)
  •  A Heidelberg Speedmaster ZP Printing Machine, Two Colours ( 50*70 size)
  •  A Heidelberg Speedmaster Printing Machine, Four Colors ( 50*70 size)
  •  A Heidelberg Speedmaster Printing Machine, Two Colours( GTO size)
  •  Two Heidelberg Letter Press Printing Machines



The bookbinding section at the Jangal Printing complex is equipped with several devices, all of which are very efficient in improving the overall speed of the printing process, binding the products, and ultimately increasing the quality of the output of our orders. Jangle printing house can provide all of the orders unique and especial in accordance with the customer’s request.

The devices that may be found in the bookbinding section are as follows:

  •  Six polar cutting machines of Size 115 and a Wohlenberg three-knife trimmer machine
  •  Fourteen folding machines (50*70 to70*100 size)
  •  Three 12 Station Printing Paper Gathering Machine
  •  Two Saddle stitchers with feeder and trimmer
  •  Three Muller martini Panda Perfect binding three-knife trimmer machines
  •  Five fully automatic Muller Martini sewing machines and three polygraph binding sewing machines
  •  Two cover making machines
  •  A case maker machine
  •  Three UV UV coating machines and an Auto bond THERMAL LAMINATION machines
  •  A Sakuraie UV coating machine, 2016 model
  •  A complete packaging line, with three Shrink Wrap Machines

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