As the entire printing of notebooks and journals, from point zero to binding and packaging, take place inside the printing company, the final price range of the products is competitively low, making them one of the most popular choices among users and consumers.

Visit Our Home page to see and purchase some of our sample notebooks or submit printing orders for notebooks by filling in our “order form” at the top of the page. We are always happy and open to accepting customized designs and bindings for the desired notebook of choice.

Another well-received item on the list of printing items provided by Jangal Printing Company is notebooks and journals that are popular throughout the year. These items mainly include novelty/speciality, spiral, and composition notebooks of different sizes and colours. Printed products can be found and purchased from various stationery offices, retailers, and major department stores across Iran.

Types of Notebooks

With spiral notebooks being the most popular, the diverse nature of notebooks printed by the company makes it hard to categorize our notebooks into specific types, as they can be customized in terms of design, size, colour, composition, cover type, … . Spiral notebooks are commonly preferred due to ease of use and turning flexibility of the notebooks which take up less space.

Like other printing items of the company, Jangal notebooks and journals are provided to meet high-quality standards at competitive prices.

Customized Notebooks

Notebooks are particularly in demand as schools start. A major share of our demands comes from partner organizations and companies who wish to purchase stationery supplies for their children. At the beginning of each school year, we meet these demands with customized promotional items and gifts for the managers and employees of partner organizations.

Customized notebooks can be printed with your own logo (on all pages if needed) and are available in three compositions: glossy, laminate, and speciality (novelty), with your submitted design.

Notebooks also come in handy for office environments and are used on a daily basis for various purposes of jotting down daily tasks, ideas, future plans, etc. . We can provide customized notebooks with your printed logo to be used as promotional gifts.

Printing price

Prices for printing notebooks are estimated based on type and quality of paper, type of binding and composition, and printing quantity (number of copies). Spiral bindings are a more premium choice than adhesive binds and generally cost more. The range of prices varies based on the composition and type of notebook to meet your preferences. Further inquiries can be made by submitting your “order form” so that our professional team can get back to you as soon as possible.