The planners provided by Jangal Printing Company are supplied in different sizes and compositions. The fabric used for the covers is primarily made of synthetic leather, cellophane, hardcover, and thermowood. The planners come in different sizes including a folio, quarto, octavo, and so on. Take a look at our samples here.

We recommend customized planners for companies looking for promotional gifts with their signature logo to give to employees, partners, consumers and customers.

Each year, Jangal Printing Company provides a series of annual planners for users who seek to extend their circle of acquaintances. This year, the company has planned to provide users with customized high-end planners in various quantities, colours, cover design and composition, and binding.

Planners are a versatile tool when it comes to jotting things down. Some use it as personal daily journals, others use it for note-taking, planning, writing practice, …

European 2021 Planner

One of our more high-end and popular planners is the European monthly planners for 2021, designed efficiently to take less space. Another added benefit of these premium items is the intricate design of the planners inside and out, which allows for efficient writing space.

Our European 2021 planners are primarily made of cream paper, which adds to the aesthetic quality of the item. The design also includes an elastic band that makes the unique artwork engraved leather cover even more beautiful and makes it more practical.

Our European 2021 planners are also available for large-quantity purchases.

Printing process “2021 planner”

Orders for premium European 2021 planners are taken in autumn to make sure that your promo items get to you in time.

In case of inquiries about the composition or type of your customized planner, let us know via the contact information provided at the end of this page. Our professional team will get back to you in the fastest time possible.

You can submit your orders using our “order form”