Since 1989, Jangal Publishing has published and printed various titles, particularly foreign-language titles and law books. Today, Jangal Publishing is in the work of publishing and printing various award-winning and contemporary English titles, poems, textbooks, books on psychology and self-help books, legal textbooks, and other texts that contribute to the needs of book lovers and readers worldwide.

We are proud to have worked and continue to work in the business of printing books for users from all over the world, ranging from expert centres and institutions as well as the national chamber of commerce to your own customized product, all in consideration of available budget, timeline, and preferred design of consumers.

The Stages of Book-Printing

Two of the most significant concerns of people who intend on publishing a book are a lack of familiarity with the process of printing a book and also its relevant costs. Thus, many inquiries and questions arise after entering this industry and due to a lack of transparency, there is a high possibility of confusion for such individuals. Therefore, in order to familiarize people with the printing process of a book, Jangal Printing House attempts to accompany its customers during the printing process and provide them with adequate information.

Furthermore, because of their busy schedule, people will often not be able to follow up on the printing press on a regular daily basis. Thus, the experts at Jangal Printing House are present in the printing house around the clock in order to supervise and monitor the quality of the printing process so that it can be completed without any hindrances.

Our clients from outside the borders of Iran simply need to send in the file of the book and the desired cover along with a letter addressed to Jangal Publications regarding the printing of the book so that our experts can get in touch with them for further coordination after they conduct an initial assessment.