For ordering, producing, and shipping high-quality products to other countries, we need to comply with international standards. Jangal Complex makes high-quality products suitable for high-end markets, which requires thoughtful, accurate, and proper design for users. Designers familiar with the printing features can design beautiful products, and this kind of experience makes it possible for them to offer consultations to customers before the process begins. They do their best for your order to finish with beautiful colours. The Jangal Complex presents different design services, each of which we will explain on this page.

Book cover design: 

They say not to judge a book by the cover. But when you want to buy a book, the cover, plays an important role. After years of experience and presence in the book publishing field, Jangal designers can consult you on the book cover. They provide you with detailed information about the print features and where do they look best. This way, you can have the best possible design for the book cover. Jangal Complex cover designing samples can be found on this page.

Journal Design:

Journals and magazines are usually produced in different cuts and have different types based on publishing periods (quarterly, almanack, monthly, etc.). One of the services that our complex can offer is magazine design. Jangal Printing House can print and produce magazines of all sizes. Journal printing consultancy is one of the things our designers do. Also, on request, they can help you design covers and even contents inside the magazine. You will be the owner of the file if the Jangal Complex designs the contents of the magazine for you. The file will be sent to you first and after approval from you, it will go to the Jangal printing house and enter the production process. It is worth noting that all rights are reserved for your benefit.

Notebook Design:

Notebooks can be used for a variety of purposes. From writing homework and picking up notes in the classroom, to drawing and painting. The cover of each of these notebooks requires a unique design so that it can express its purpose and goal. The design of interior pages is the most important part of any notebook because it shows what the notebook is for and it and makes it easy to use. In addition to providing free consultation, Jangal designers also design covers and interior pages for you. Examples of notebooks designed by the Jangal Complex can be found on this page.

Agenda book design:

You can introduce your company or institution to your customers by printing promotional images in the agenda book and gifting it to them. Jangal designers will design covers, the advertisement, and the interior page for you if you request it. These advertising pages can help make your business known. The usability of the agenda books you give your customers can be changed by different kinds of interior pages. With enough information and experience, Jangal designers produce a design suitable for your unique agenda book, which is produced by the powerful and up-to-date printing house of the Jangal complex.


Everyone knows that calendar is an inseparable component of monthly and yearly planning. Talking to Jangal designers allows them to understand your needs and design a calendar based on them for you. The colouring and designs used in each calendar are very important and you can be sure of the result by entrusting your calendar design to the Jangal team. The Jangal complex produces a variety of calendars, including table calendars, wall calendars, wired calendars, and many more. You can contact Jangal experts via email, phone, or social media and find out the types of calendars that the Jangal Complex produces.


Each company must have brochures to introduce itself, the products and services it offers. A brochure is a product that shows different parts of a business, and every business needs to have a brochure to introduce its services to a large number of people in a short period. Design is the most important part of a brochure because each one has to give people brief information about your business in a short time. Jangal designers with experience in this field will do it for you. They choose the most suitable colours and best designs for your brochure so that you don’t have to worry about introducing your business to customers.


Various companies and institutions use catalogues to introduce their products or services. Each catalogue can represent one or more products depending on the size and page number. Catalogues should be able to provide customers with information about the product and how it looks. The designers of the Jangal Complex can offer you the desired features with familiarity and knowledge in the printing industry. By designing both sides of the catalogue and using the right colours they also provide you with a useful, complete, and beautiful catalogue that comes in different cuts.