Calendar & Agenda book Design

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Calendars and agenda books are functional, advertising products that can introduce your product or service at the same time as you are used, and calendars and agenda books can include tabs or sections that introduce your business. Interiors, covers and advertising pages require detailed and intelligent design.

Jangal’s designers have experience in printing and designing these items and they can take over your calendar and agenda book design. These designers will make sure that your desired product maintains its usability and is a good representation of your business.

With powerful equipment and capable designers, Jangal Group offers a variety of printing and design services to its customers, saving time and money with professional printing advice.


Jangal designers use their experience in setting and designing calendars and agenda books promotional pages. Creating quality advertisements for your product, including agenda book design and calendar design, each of which requires its own process.

Agenda book Design

Each agenda book consists of different parts, depending on the type of agenda book and your request, these parts will be designed differently by the skilled designers of Jangal. these different parts include cover design, interior pages and advertising.

Agenda book cover design and features

The cover material is provided by Jangal and the design on it is done by Jangal designers. You can choose from hardcover to leather for the cover, and a variety of printed features on it, including Foiling, highlighting, Spot UV and a variety of other features.

In addition to these features, you can ask Jangal design consultants to insert metal plaques or logos on the agenda book cover.

Design of agenda books internal pages

The internal pages of the agenda book are divided into different parts. These parts can be days by the hour or any other request from you. The material of the interior pages can be everything you want.

You can request unique pages at the beginning or end of your agenda book, which can contain important phone numbers, maps or note pages.

Agenda book Advertisement Design

At the beginning and end of the agenda book, glossy pages are dedicated to introducing your product, service or business. Jangal designers can help you design these pages and with their design knowledge, they will provide you with maximum information with a beautiful look.

Calendar Design

Calendar design requires designing different parts of the base, and calendar tabs, and incorporating ads into calendar pages of design arts.

Designing the Calendar stand

Desktop and standing calendars have cardboard, wood or fibreglass base, and the design of these foundations is the responsibility of the designers of the Jangal collection, you can insert your logo with printed features such as Foiling on the base of the calendars.

Designing the calendar tabs

In addition to showing the day, week and year, the internal sheets of the calendar should be able to accommodate special or promotional images. Placing advertisements and calendar elements is not an easy job and Jangal designers can do this task well with the experience they have.

You can order different types of calendars and these calendars can be solar, lunar, Gregorian or other calendars types, and you can also place your specific elements in these calendars.

Designing the advertisement

Photos taken from your business can be a good advert and introduction from you and your business if they are placed properly and according to the art of design on the calendar.

Jangal designers will make sure that all the design elements properly comply with your calendar and that a beautiful and functional calendar is delivered to you.

How to order a product

If you leave your product to the Jangal group, all of these designs will be done for you for free. These designs and consultations provided by experienced Jangal employees can help you save time and money and provide you with a beautiful and functional product.

You can use the order form to register your order in the easiest way and get print and design advice to produce it, if you have questions about how to order and pay or have questions in other areas, you can visit the FAQ page.

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