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When introducing your business to customers, you should spend a lot of time talking to them individually. By ordering catalogues and brochures from Jangal, this valuable time can be spent on more important tasks and actions. Catalogues and brochures are promotional products based on introducing your product, service or business.

Catalogues and brochures provide explanations for your business, and teaming up with various images and graphics, can be stunning and useful. Catalogues will give you a complete description, and brochures will be used more to introduce a bunch of services or products.

Jangal Printing House, with a long experience in producing various printed products and designing them, can print catalogues and brochures for you so that you can introduce your business without wasting time.


Designing catalogues and brochures is very important in the process of producing these products. Catalogues and brochures should be able to introduce information to potential customers in a short period of time and they have to do it practically. Therefore, their design is very important and the designer should be able to maintain their applicability in addition to beauty.

Jangal designers with several years of experience in designing, familiarity with the design elements, printing culture and product market, can provide you with a functional, beautiful design and thus a great product. The consultants of the Jangal group can help you choose the type of paper and binding too.

Catalog Design

In addition to introducing your business, catalogues also introduce a number of your products and services. All of these practical pages and the cover require designing.

Catalogue cover design and printed features

Catalogue covers attract audiences, so it has to be designed as beautifully as possible and evoke curiosity. Designers of the Jangal group can add these elements to your products. In addition to the cover design elements, you can use the help of Jangal consultants and add a lot of prints to your catalogue cover. These features can include Spot UV, highlighting, multiplication, and other things that help make your catalogue look very appealing.

Design of internal catalogue pages

Pages of a catalogue will represent your business, service or products, combining photos and text can be confusing, so it should be a good design for them, and in this case, this combination can make the best possible transfer of information. the designers of the Jangal group do their best to get the information you want to your customers in the best way and with the beauty of appearance.

Brochure Design

Brochures are used to introduce a product, a bunch of products or services, brochures are made on one page and folded in different ways, Jangal designers use their skill in addition to incorporating the necessary photos and information into your brochures, they also specify the folding line according to your product, information, and photos.

The double-sided design of the brochure can help you transfer more information with a single piece of paper. You can add all the printed features you want to your brochure and Jangal printing house adds these features to your product with powerful equipment.

How to order a product

If you leave your brochure production to the Jangal group, all of these designs will be done for you for free. These services provided by Jangal employees with years of experience can help you save time and money and provide you with a beautiful and functional product.

You can use the order form to register your order in the easiest way and get print and design advice to produce it, if you have questions about how to order and pay or have questions in other areas, you can visit the FAQ page.

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