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Jangal is an all-encompassing and multidimensional complex in the field of printing and publishing a variety of printed products, the Jangal complex has the ability to mass-produce books, notebooks and other printed goods for printing and production, these products are sent as files for the Jangal printing house. Notebooks, catalogues, brochures, etc.

In order for the file to enter the printing house and start the lithography operation, which converts the file into aluminium plates, it is needed to check this file in terms of Design. In this survey, expert consultants and experienced designers of the Jangal Group will determine if the product needs cover design and layout design.


If needed, Jangal designers perform these acts on the product so that you have an order of quality and beauty in every way. On this page, we will discuss the layout design, cover design and how to do these things.

Layout design

Layout design is the act of preparation of pages for printing and it has gradually improved over time and teaming up with creativity, it has become an important issue in attracting further attention of the audiences. Layout designers have the task of attracting the audience’s attention to the content and subject on their shoulders.

Fonts, word sizes, line intervals, distance from margins, beautification and graphic design of pages, proper placement of photos and more are among the elements of layout design.

The layout design was historically done by manual typesetters, but these days, with advanced technologies, computer software is used for this purpose.

The goals of layout design

Increasing the speed of transferring concepts and information, including text and images to the audience, is one of the goals of the layout. It reflects the theme of that product.

Layout design Elements

The different items and elements that must be observed in the layout design vary depending on the type of product, some of these elements that are used in most printed products include:

  • Age

The age of the audience in the layout design is very important. According to the age of the audience, the designer should pay attention to the colour, font, selected images and cover design.

  • sex

The gender of your audience affects the product layout design, and products that are unisex require different layouts. So, in every case, the images, colours and elements used must match the gender of the audience.

  • Amount of income

Different printed products are produced for different groups, and the skilled designers of the Jangal complex, considering these, try to produce the product according to the customers’ tastes.

  • Culture

In some societies, a particular colour and font indicate a certain intellectual orientation. Also, in religious books, certain fonts or signs are used. If your product is produced for other countries, you should give this information to Jangal designers so that they can design your product according to the culture of the target community.

Book cover design:

Cover design is very important and sensitive because it should be able to represent the contents of the book well, in addition to being attractive enough to attract the audience. In designing the cover, items such as the composition of texts and images, colouring, design of creative images and designs, placement of logos and other visual elements, turning design and more are taken into consideration.

The cover represents the author’s message to the audience, so the cover design begins after specifying the size of the book and after the layout designing stage.

Determining the size of the book, the colour of the paper, the number of pages and most importantly the subject and content of the book will play a key role in the idea and design of the book cover. In addition to paying attention to the previous points, some principles are necessary to provide an attractive design.

  • Choosing the right size for the title
  • Using the right fonts
  • Using different fonts on the cover
  • Choosing a professional designer

Jangal designers have a long history of cover design and can help you in this field. These designers who are familiar with printing and its processes are able to design a beautiful and functional cover for your custom product so that your product is produced and delivered to you with the highest possible quality.

How to order a product

With modern printing equipment, Jangal Complex is able to offer its customers a wide variety of products. When you order a product in the Jangal Printing House, this collection offers free printing and design advice. Cover design and layout design is another stage of the design service that will be done for you if the product you ordered is produced by the Jangal complex.

You can use the order form to register your order in the easiest way and get print and design advice to produce it, if you have questions about how to order and pay or have questions in other areas, you can visit the FAQ page.

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